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It is very difficult to survive if you have no contact: Prabhjyot Singh.

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Udta Punjab fame prabhjyot singh

Udta Punjab fame Prabhjyot Singh will be seen next in Tharkistaan. Celeb Mode recently got in touch with him to know about his Character in Tharkistaan. Tharkistaan is a web series that will come on the new OTT platform Prime Flix. In this series, you will see 3 boys and girls having fun.

Other than that in a candid conversation with us he discussed his future projects.

How is your journey as an actor?

It’s been 4 years for me in the industry. It is a dream come true that I am doing what I have always dreamt of doing. I respect my work a lot because it is very difficult for you if, you are not an insider from the industry and have no contacts. So it takes a lot of struggle. But I feel a little settled now. There’s a long way to go. Very blessed to be working in the Bollywood industry.

Which is your favorite web series and why?

Indian Sacred Games because it has an amazing cast and the build is too good. Talking about Hollywood Narcos, it is my favorite and I have watched all seasons and each and every episode. I love the story of Pablo Escobar.

What difference do you feel as you have worked in web series and movies?

Movies have sensor board and you have few restrictions whereas in web series you have full liberty, so it is an advantage for actors as we get to do more.

How do you feel about the current project?

This is the best team I have worked with, it was a very youthful team. The director and DOP were very young. The subject itself is a comedy it’s a comedy series. It feels good working with them and good experience.

The motto of your life?

I have a dream if I became rich enough one thing I would like to do is finish the poor people’s food problems. No one should ever sleep Hungry.

Luck or Hard work, whom do you give your credit?

Previously I never used to believe in luck but with some recent events, I also consider luck as a major factor. But luck will only work if you do hard work.

If not an actor what other professions would you choose?

Businessman which I am setting up side by side from now because I don’t have much interest in studies and I can never do a 9 to 5 job

One thing that you fear the most?

There’s nothing as such I fear. But I am a little scared of flying insects.

Who is your style icon?

Diljit Dosanjh

How do you escape your boredom?

Netflix, amazon prime etc I watch a lot of content online.

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