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Meera Deosthale in and as Vidya.

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Meera Deosthale as vidya

Meera Deosthale feels attracted to the storyline of vidya and that’s why she is playing this role. It is very simple and different from what she has portrayed be it as Chakor or Priya. This show is one of those shows which have messages, Drama, and Entertainment as well.

Talking about how she prepared for the role, she says, “Preparation for the role was as such that we used to do a lot of readings. I saw a few movies like Mother India. Basically, the movies which have a girl or a lady with a lot of innocence. And as Vidya is a widow, so I just thought about how would a person like her to be and feel.”

It was not at all hard for an actress to catch up with the language. As she has played Chakor so she had an idea of how to speak that language and how a show with a UP backdrop is.   

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