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Film Satellite Shankar Full Review

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In today’s running world we have forgotten our helping heart, that wants to help others but we are busy in our lifestyle. We want to help but we can’t and the satellite Sankar is the perfect example to connect with the world to connect with several other people If our country and to know all types of languages. To know that from State we are different but from the heart we are Indians

Story- the story starts from a soldier who is willing to take a holiday for his sister marriage but he is unhappy to go home because he is upset from his family for not talking with him from a long time, but then the magician less soldier satellite Sankar comes and tries to make him imagine that moment when he is with his family but after some time soldiers get a news that war is going to take place and they cancel all the leaves, but during a war satellite Sankar gets injured and doctors tell him to take rest for 8 days so what happens in that 8 days and how he connects the world, the story continues.

Sooraj Pancholi

Acting- Sooraj Pancholi did a good job, but Megha Akash is just awesome as a simple innocent girl, rest all the cast was okay.

Chemistry- there is no such chemistry you will see in the film but the emotion was genuine and heart heating.

Songs- not a single song is good.

Director- the story is good but the director Irfan Kamal fails to present it onscreen. anything is happening in the film audience will be confused especially in 1st half you will feel bore but the 2nd half is much better.

The story is good but the screen presence is poor. it’s a film that connects you from humanity at least you can watch that film once.

Rating 2/5

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