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Rahul Sharma, From A Small Town In Bihar To Bollywood

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Bollywood probably would be the most cosmopolitan place for one to be, one where talent matters and nothing else and that’s just why people from all regions and areas have travelled to Mumbai to make their dreams of working in films come true. Rahul Sharma, is not different. Hailing from a small town Muzaffarpur in Bihar, Rahul was bitten by the acting bug at a very small age of 13 and has finally made it happen for himself with his debut film XRay, The Inner Image produced by Pradeep Sharma of Baba Motion Pictures and Directed by Rajiv Ruia.

The film will release on 29th November in India. Talking about his journey from Bihar to Bollywood, Rahul, while getting nostalgic, says, “I cannot forget the journey that its been. It started off with my fascination for performing arts. I remember I was 12 or 13 and had already started doing Music Videos and Albums. I would take part in Dance competitions; I was always interested in acting, theater, music. I was pursuing my study for Medical in Kota but somehow I always knew I wanted to be an actor and I can’t not acknowledge my passion my entire life, it’s then that I decided to talk to my parents and to my surprise they were very supportive and they sent me Mumbai to pursue my acting passion!”

But for someone without any contacts, it can’t be a cakewalk into the film world. “I came to Mumbai completely clueless of how this would work. I wasn’t very fit, my acting skills weren’t very polished but I started giving auditions. Much to my surprise, taking me for a novice, many people tried extracting money or favours, many rejected me on the pretext of not having the right colour complexion or the physique,” says Rahul while further adding, “I then took up graduation with BMM and started doing internships at MTV, Celebrity Management firm, I studied acting under Vidhur Chaturvedi and eventually started making contacts with the right people. That eventually landed me to Rajiv Ruia sir who I assisted as a director so I could understand the nuances of filmmaking and eventually landed my first film with him only”.

Well, that’s some journey for Rahul and he feels he wouldn’t want it any other way, “I think the fruits of hardwork are far sweeter than anything else. I savour each moment of working in front of the camera and wouldn’t have it any other way!”

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