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Film Review of Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior

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We all know about Tanhaji and his story in history, but we don’t know much about him, Ajay Devgn film Tanaji will help you to understand him in-depth.

Story- The story starts with a small Tanaji fighting a battle with his father Sardar Kaloji, in that battle, In that battle his father dies while saying him you have to carry forward our legacy and you have to fight for our country, year pass Tanaji grow up with the quality of the strong warrior, he has his wife Savitri Malusare and son Rayaba Malusare whose wedding bell was around, so to invite Chhatrapati shivaji for his son wedding Tanaji visit at his place and there he came to know about Udhaybhan Singh Rathore who was a military leader of Army of Mughal willing to Attack and rule our country, so he decides to fight against him leaving his son’s wedding on hold.

Acting- We can say Saif Ail Khan was a perfect choice to play a strong villain character he just nailed it with his performance, Ajay Devgn showed how powerful can be a warrior with his fantastic performance, Kajol was good in her role, and Sharad Kelkar also gave a stunning performance as shivaji.

Chemistry- Chemistry was good in the film whether it was between Ajay and kajol, Ajay and Sharad

Songs- Tanji background music was the backbone of the film, rest all we’re okay.

Direction- Director Om Raut made sure every scene we’re so clear, and VFX were looking like so real and the World which they created was good.

If you are a bad student of history or you love history go and watch Tanaji, to understand much more about it. Or you are a strong-hearted person who likes to see war types films then definitely go and watch this film, but if you are a soft-hearted person and you can’t see anyone wounds then don’t go to watch this film because it’s effect are so strong that will impact on your mind.


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