Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

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Ashish Sharma writes an inspirational poem on Women..!

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We might celebrate Women’s Day and social media is full of posts to inspire, acknowledge & respect women but this generally fades away and it’s left to each woman/girl to motivate and inspire herself. Actor Ashish Sharma totally nailed this point in the short yet inspirational poem that he has penned down and recited. The simple but hard hitting words are nothing less than a motivation to celebrate and respect their own self. Ashish Sharma shares, “A day like Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. are just a reminder for us to acknowledge and appreciate all the women in our lives. But this should happen every single day because if you actually see men aren’t complete without women, be it our mothers, wives, daughters, friends, and all the women who are a part of your life in some way or the other. So it’s high time we shower them with respect just like they shower their selfless love on us.”

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