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Ayaz Ismail’s Jithey Tu Jaaye Crosses 2 Million

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Dallas based singer and music composer Ayaz Ismail’s Jitthey Tu Jaaye has crossed 2 million views in the short time of 10 days. It was released on his YouTube channel on August 22. Independent music does not always receive the attention it deserves. Especially in the current times, with various artists showcasing their music on numerous platforms every day, listeners do not have a dearth of options. The high number of views on Jitthey Tu Jaaye is an achievement worth celebrating for the people behind the song.

On Jitthey Tu Jaaye’s success, Ayaz says, “It feels great! As an independent artist it means a lot. In the world of Bollywood, Indie music tends to get lost somewhere, but I hope this makes a statement. Indie music means ‘freedom of music’ where you express yourself freely. So, the happiness attached to its appreciation is even more profound.”

Ayaz’s upcoming projects include Ho Na Juda. It will feature the voice of someone “really special”, Ayaz says, as he can’t disclose any details as of now but “will reveal more soon.” Another song Ho Khatam Kabhi Na, is in production as well. Kunaal Vermaa has penned both of the songs.

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