Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

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Commando 3: Is It Worth Your Money

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Commando Trilogy’s third instalment Commando 3 trailer has dropped. The films stars prequels’ main lead Vidyut Jamwal as protagonist and Hunter actor Gulshan Devaiah as the antagonist of the film. This time around the producers have taken a different spin on the film and has crafted an antagonist who is two steps ahead of the protagonist. Other than giving you plot and characters the trailer also lets you in, insights imperative to make a decision if the film is worth your money. 

Like always Vidyut’s acting and dialogue delivery is as bland has it gets, his face lacks conviction. The dialogues like “Mai jazbaati nahi hoon, mai deshwaadi hoon” with their poor delivery will make you cringe. The supporting characters lack substance and heavily underwritten like they were in the prequels. The film relies heavily on the Vidyut’s gymnastics and fight sequence to make the big bucks, perhaps that’s why you will find plenty of action by Vidyut.

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