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If someone will provoke him, he will react: Aly’s sister Ilham Goni on Kavita Kaushik’s ‘Main teri baap hun’ comment

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The audience loved the new charged up atmosphere of the “Bigg Boss” house when TV’s favourite hottie Aly Goni entered the show. In his three weeks in the reality show, the actor has always stood up for what’s right and gives it back when someone tries to misbehave with him. And when Kavita Kaushik, in a recent episode, commented that “Main teri baap hun”, he couldn’t tolerate it. His elder sister Ilham Goni says he was bound to react when somebody provoked him that way.

She said, “I have always said that he is short-tempered, and if you will provoke him then he will react, and it was a clear case of provocation. She could have started with somebody else, but because her terms are not good with Aly, she started with him. She started calling him gunda and irritating him, that’s not right.”

“And I guess she felt that she was over-reacting that’s why she came for reconciliation later. The other housemates also agreed that she shouldn’t have used the phrase ‘Main tera baap hun’, and also that anyone would have reacted in the same way. That’s why later she went and spoke to him nicely and said that she wants to maintain peace in the house,” she added.

Ilham also spoke about the Pinjara nomination ka task, where Kavita saved Eijaz Khan and nominated Aly in his place. She said, “I was expecting it. I was neither surprised nor shocked about it. She has that rage for Aly and we knew that when it came to choosing between Aly and Nikki Tamboli, she would have definitely saved Nikki.”

But, Ilham was shocked when “Bigg Boss” announced that the “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” is nominated for another week. Sharing her views on that, she said, “So far we have seen that the housemates do a lot of things when they get angry, but ‘Bigg Boss’ has not gone to the extent of nominating anyone. In fact, when Kavita had pushed Eijaz, and ‘Bigg Boss’ gave Aly the power to either warn her or take away her right to participate in the next captaincy task, he chose to warn her. I guess this time ‘Bigg Boss’ had to do it because Kavita kept on talking about it for a very long time, but, I still feel he could have been punished in a different way. Nominating him was not right.”

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