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“My new song Aawazein is relatable to every individual who has gone through heartbreak”,Rahul Jain

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Rahul Jain is one such singer and composer who creates music exclusively for his fans as every song of his are all about things everyone relates to be it his Maa song or Pepsee song and he is back to amaze us with his new song, Aawazein. The song has already created quite a buzz on social media with just the teaser and we wonder the magic song will create ones it’s out.

The theme of the song is quite different from his previous songs and he talked about the theme of the song, ” So the theme of the song, it’s a proper heartbreak sad track and, if you talk about the audio, I have experimented with the song with RnB and hip hop. If I talk about the video, there is no personal story attached to it but, I think it’s relatable to every individual as we all go through heartbreak. So the tune got cracked first, and then we started with the lyrics and, we decided to go with this heartbreak, sad space”.

The song has got all the necessary elements for being the next go-to song for everyone filled with emotions, ” In a song or a music video, people will relate to it if they get the feeling that this thing has happened to me too. So this song has a lot of those elements to which everyone can say that they have lived that story too. And I think that’s how people can connect to it and relate to it”.

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