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Pavitra Punia Reaction on Eijaz Khan.

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In the weekend ka vaar episode we saw that Pavitra Punia was voted out of the show based on minimum audience votes. Pavitra had a tumultuous, rollercoaster of a journey on the show! She made friends, took a stand for herself and performed very well in several tasks on the show. She had several epic clashes with several contestants including Rahul Vaidya and Jasmin Bashin, but while leaving they were all quite upset and misty-eyed to see her go

Pavitra shared the most special bond with Eijaz Khan. While the two did have their share of differences, they finally made up and went on to create a lasting relation. Eijaz, understandably, was most upset and he even gave her a tight hug and a sweet kiss on her cheek as she confesses that she will miss him the most. While leaving, Pavitra also promises Rahul that she will meet the very special lady in his life, ‘D’ outside and get to know her answer for his proposal for her!

Pavitra’s journey ended at a time when the show is seeing the toughest competition ever as the housemates battle it out for who will be the winner. With another twist in the form of a special early finale coming in, the contestants are all the more fired up and hoping to put their best foot forward!

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